This acronym stands for:

  • APMC
  • Asia_Pacific Microwave Conference (APMC)
  • Application (Server) for Mail and Calendaring (APMC)
  • Advanced Project Management Certification (APMC)
  • Advanced Program Management Course (APMC)
  • Amicale Philat%C3%A9lique et Marcophile Colmarienne (APMC)
  • Alberta Petroleum Marketing Commission (Canada) (APMC)
  • Afloat Personnel Management Center (APMC)
  • Agricultural Product Marketing Committee (India) (APMC)
  • AMEDD Professional Management Command (APMC)
  • Agency Program Management Council (APMC)
  • Agricultural Products Marketing Council (Canada) (APMC)
  • Associate Program Manager for Contracting (APMC)
  • Austin Preschool Mothers Club (Austin, TX) (APMC)
  • Association of Professional Mole Catchers (UK) (APMC)
  • Agency Provided Medical Care (APMC)