This acronym stands for:

  • Biology Chemistry Physics Math (college courses) (BCPM)
  • Benchmark Cost Proxy Model (BCPM)
  • Benign Chronic Pemphigus (BCPM)
  • Baylor Collections of Political Materials (BCPM)
  • Berkeley Caltech Pulsar Machine (BCPM)
  • Belgian College of Pharmaceutical Medicine (BCPM)
  • Buffalo Coalition for Progressive Media (BCPM)
  • Behavioral Coaching Process Model (BCPM)
  • Broadcasting Corporation Prof_Media (BCPM)
  • Business Critical Platform Maintenance (BCPM)
  • Bankers Council for People Management (BCPM)
  • Bike Clube Patos de Monas (Brazil) (BCPM)
  • Bench Cost Proxy Model (BCPM)
  • Business Content Process Manager (BCPM)
  • Business Continuity Program Management (BCPM)
  • Business Control and Process Management (BCPM)
  • Bleeding Cyber Pregnant Mother (BCPM)