This acronym stands for:

  • Contemporary Physics Education Project (Lawrence Berkeley Lab) (CPEP)
  • Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program (CPEP)
  • Clinical Practice Expert Panel (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services; US DHHS) (CPEP)
  • Climate, People and Environment Program (CPEP)
  • Contractor Performance Evaluation Program (CPEP)
  • Contemporary Physics Education Program (CPEP)
  • Contractor Performance Evaluation Plan (CPEP)
  • Cyclopenteno %5Bcd%5Dpyrene (CPEP)
  • Cultures of Peace Education Project (Oakland, CA) (CPEP)
  • Certified Posture Exercise Professional (physical therapy) (CPEP)
  • Center for Personalized Education for Physicians (Denver, CO) (CPEP)
  • Center for Preservation Education and Planning (Hollywood, CA) (CPEP)
  • Central Plains Energy Project (Nebraska, USA) (CPEP)
  • CPEP