This acronym stands for:

  • Digital Cinema Auto Calibration (Sony) (DCAC)
  • District of Columbia Aquatics Club (DCAC)
  • Define and Control Airplane Configuration (DCAC)
  • Dare County Arts Council (Manteo, NC) (DCAC)
  • Defense Communications Agency Circular (DCAC)
  • District of Columbia Aquatic Club (DCAC)
  • Demilitarization Chemical Agent Concentrator (DTRA) (DCAC)
  • Distributed Call Admission Control (DCAC)
  • Data Center Advisory Council (DCAC)
  • Dexter Community Aquatics Club (DCAC)
  • Depth_Constrained Alphabetic Code (DCAC)
  • Direct Contact Aftercooler (DCAC)
  • District of Columbia Arts Center (Washington, DC) (DCAC)
  • DoD (US Department of Defense) Counterintelligence Agent Course (DCAC)
  • Dogwood Canyon Audubon Center (Texas) (DCAC)
  • Dutchess Chamber of Commerce (New York) (DCAC)
  • DCAC