This acronym stands for:

  • East Coast Radar System (ECRS)
  • EKMR (Extended Karnaugh Map Representation) Compressed Row Storage (ECRS)
  • European Coordinate Reference Systems (ECRS)
  • Electron Cyclotron Resonance Source (ECRS)
  • Eastern Charlotte Regional School (St. George, New Brunswick, Canada) (ECRS)
  • Economic & Contingency Reserve Stock (ECRS)
  • European Consortium for Sociological Research (EU) (ECRS)
  • Eastern Cooperative Recreation School (est. 1940; Canada) (ECRS)
  • Engineered Casting Repair Services (est. 1937) (ECRS)
  • Estonian Central Register of Securities (ECRS)
  • %C3%89tablissement Centre de Ravitaillement Sanitaire (French: Establishing Sanitary Supply Center) (ECRS)
  • European Cosmic Ray Symposium (est. 1968) (ECRS)
  • Expense & Cost Recovery System (data storage and usage) (ECRS)
  • ECRS