This acronym stands for:

  • EOG
  • Europa Oil & Gas (Holdings Plc) (EOG)
  • Eye on Gambling (sports forum) (EOG)
  • Electro_Oculogram (EOG)
  • End of Grade (tests used in NC) (EOG)
  • Enron Oil & Gas (stock symbol) (EOG)
  • Executive Office of the Governor (EOG)
  • Educational Opportunity Grant (Washington Higher Education Coordinating Board; Olympia, WA) (EOG)
  • Expeditionary Operations Group (EOG)
  • End of Group (database queries) (EOG)
  • End of Game (EOG)
  • Electrolytic Oxygen Generator (US Navy submarine) (EOG)
  • Evolution of Gaming (gaming clan) (EOG)
  • Europejskiego Obszaru Gospodarczego (Polish: European Economic Area; free trade zone) (EOG)
  • Element One Gaming (clan) (EoG)
  • Emergency Operations Group (various organizations) (EOG)
  • English Opera Group (UK) (EOG)