This acronym stands for:

  • FOIC
  • Freedom of Information Commission (FOIC)
  • Formula One Investment Club (FOIC)
  • Flag Officer in Command (Philippines navy) (FOIC)
  • Freedom of Information Clearinghouse (FOIC)
  • Freedom of Information Council (FOIC)
  • Fiber Optics Installer Certification (FOIC)
  • Fellowship of International Churches (FOIC)
  • Fundamentals of Inventory Control (course) (FOIC)
  • Furnished by Owner, Installed by Contractor (FOIC)
  • Fiber Optic Interface Connector (FOIC)
  • fishery officer in charge (Canada) (FOIC)
  • Firearm Owners Identification Card (Illinois) (FOIC)
  • Fire Operations Information Center (Miami, FL, USA) (FOIC)
  • Financial Officer in Charge (FOIC)
  • Find Out In Character (roleplaying games) (FOIC)
  • Freedom of Information Coordinator (Canada) (FOIC)