This acronym stands for:

  • HEAL
  • Healthy Eating and Active Living (Canada) (HEAL)
  • Health Education Assistance Loans (HEAL)
  • Human Ecology Action League (HEAL)
  • Health Education and Adult Literacy (HEAL)
  • Human Exposure Assessment Location (EPA) (HEAL)
  • Health Education AIDS Liaison_NYC (HEAL)
  • Health Economics Analysis Letters (HEAL)
  • Healing Emotionally Abused Lives (HEAL)
  • Helping Endure Infant Loss (University of Connecticut Health Center) (HEAL)
  • Health Education Alternative Learning (HEAL)
  • Hanford Environmental Action League (HEAL)
  • Hospital and Emergency Ambulance Link (Singapore) (HEAL)
  • History Exam Assessment Layout (HEAL)
  • Healing Events Artistic Language (Laguna Beach, CA) (HEAL)
  • Health and Education for All (UK) (HEAL)
  • Helping, Everyone, Accept, Love (HEAL)