This acronym stands for:

  • IPFC
  • Information Presentation Facility Compiler (IPFC)
  • Interline Power Flow Controller (IPFC)
  • India Pakistan Friendship Club (IPFC)
  • Internet Protocol over Fibre Channel (IETF) (IPFC)
  • Institut Philotechnique de Formation Continue (French: Philotechnic Institute of Continuing Education) (IPFC)
  • Institution for the Protection of Fictional Characters (IPFC)
  • Institute for the Prevention of Financial Crimes (Agoura Hill, CA) (IPFC)
  • Instructions Per Fetch Cycle (IPFC)
  • Intelligent Power Factor Controller (IPFC)
  • Independence Professional Fireworks Company (IPFC)
  • Institut Professionnel de Formation en Cosm%C3%A9tique (French: Professional Cosmetics Training Institute) (IPFC)
  • Input Power Factor Correction (IPFC)
  • Independent Personal Financial Coach (IPFC)