This acronym stands for:

  • IRSS
  • Investor Responsibility Support Services (Media, PA) (IRSS)
  • Indiana Registry of Soil Scientists (West Lafayette, IN) (IRSS)
  • Information & Resource Support System (IRSS)
  • Infrared Search System (IRSS)
  • Investor Responsibility Support Services (Media, PA) (IRSS)
  • International Relations and Security Studies (various universities) (IRSS)
  • Integrated Requirements Supply System (IRSS)
  • Instant Recall Storage System (IRSS)
  • Ingersoll_Rand Security and Safety (IRSS)
  • Indian Railways Stores Service (IRSS)
  • International Russian_Speaking Squad (IRSS)
  • Instrumentation and Range Safety System (US Air Force) (IRSS)
  • Integrated Range Status System (IRSS)
  • Integrated Reliability Software Suite (IRSS)
  • Infrared Supression System (IRSS)