This acronym stands for:

  • ISRP
  • Institut Sup%C3%A9rieur de R%C3%A9%C3%A9ducation Psychomotrice (French: Higher Institute of Psychomotor Rehabilitation) (ISRP)
  • International Society for Respiratory Protection (ISRP)
  • Inventory, Shipping, Receiving and Picking (software) (ISRP)
  • Integrated Submission and Remittance Processing (System) (ISRP)
  • International Space Research Park (NASA) (ISRP)
  • Institute for the Study of Religion in Politics (ISRP)
  • Interoperability Senior Review (ISRP)
  • International Society of Realist Painters (ISRP)
  • Interactive Story Role Play (ISRP)
  • Information Systems Rules Panel (Bellcore) (ISRP)
  • In_Service Readiness Process/Plan/Procedure (ISRP)
  • Internal Surface Reverse Phase (ISRP)
  • International Staging and Re_design Professional (home staging) (ISRP)