This acronym stands for:

  • JCCC
  • Joint Communications Control Center (JCCC)
  • Johnson County Community College (Kansas) (JCCC)
  • Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) (JCCC)
  • Joint Combat Camera Center (JCCC)
  • Joint Communications Control Center (JCCC)
  • Joint Customs Consultative Committee (UK) (JCCC)
  • Joint Command and Control Center (JCCC)
  • Joint Casualty & Compassionate Centre (UK) (JCCC)
  • Joint CIS Control Centre (JCCC)
  • Jordan Climate Change Consultancy Company (JCCC)
  • Jon Cougar Concentration Camp (band) (JCCC)
  • Joint Christian Cemetery Company (Nigeria) (JCCC)
  • Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Chicago (Chicago, IL) (JCCC)
  • Jayhawk Community College Conference (Kansas) (JCCC)
  • Jackson County Chamber of Commerce (Florida) (JCCC)
  • Japan Cable Cas Center (JCCC)
  • Japan Campus Crusade for Christ (JCCC)