This acronym stands for:

  • LWH
  • length, width, height (LWH)
  • Little White House (
  • Long Walk Home (musical quartet) (LWH)
  • Lady Willingdon Hospital (Manali, India) (LWH)
  • Life With Heathens (blog) (LWH)
  • Little Wild Horse Canyon (LWH)
  • Living with Heritage (research program) (LWH)
  • Lawn Hill, Queensland, Australia (airport code) (LWH)
  • Light_Weight Howitzer (US Army) (LWH)
  • Lesbian Wildlife Hospital (Lesvos, Greece) (LWH)
  • local withholding (tax) (LWH)
  • leaf wetness hours (LWH)
  • Lutheran World Hunger (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America) (LWH)
  • Lake Wales High (Lake Wales, FL) (LWH)
  • Larsson, Woodyard & Henson (accounting firm; Illinois) (LWH)
  • Lee Wetherington Homes (Florida) (LWH)
  • Ludwig_Windthorst_Haus (German Catholic social academy) (LWH)