This acronym stands for:

  • Major League Wrestling (MLW)
  • Maryland Leadership Workshops (Gaithersburg, Maryland) (MLW)
  • Main Lift Web (parachute system; aerodynamics) (MLW)
  • Manual of Land Warfare (Australia) (MLW)
  • Mechanized Leader Wing (MLW)
  • Mejorando la Web (Spanish: Improving the Web; Internet video program) (MLW)
  • Mid_Latitude Winter (meteorology) (MLW)
  • Military Libraries Workshop (conference) (MLW)
  • Miniatuur Luchtvaart Wereld (Dutch: Miniature Aviation World) (MLW)
  • Montreal Locomotive Works (Canadian division of ALCO) (MLW)
  • My Loving Wife (MLW)
  • Magnificent Ladies Wrestling (MLW)
  • Mala La Wea (gaming) (MLW)
  • Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly (MLW)
  • Mates Leather Weekend (Provincetown, MA) (MLW)
  • Maximum Landing Weight (aviation) (MLW)
  • Mean Low Water (MLW)