This acronym stands for:

  • MOSC
  • Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church (Raleigh, North Carolina) (MOSC)
  • Mint on Sealed Card (collecting) (MOSC)
  • Military Occupational Specialty Code (MOSC)
  • Metal_Oxide Semiconductor Capacitor (MOSC)
  • Modified Original SmartCard (MOSC)
  • Militia Officer Staff Course (Canadian Army) (MOSC)
  • Misr Oils and Soap (stock symbol) (MOSC)
  • Medical Office Service Coordinator (MOSC)
  • Maximum_Output Selection Combining (MOSC)
  • Massive Offshore Surf Zone (MOSC)
  • Manpower Optimization Steering Committee (MOSC)
  • Maritime Operational Support Capability (Australian DoD) (MOSC)
  • Mysticism Of Sound Conference (MOSC)
  • Midlands Offstage Skills Consortium (MOSC)
  • My Oracle Support Community (software) (MOSC)
  • Midland_Odessa Symphony & Chorale (est. 1962) (MOSC)