This acronym stands for:

  • NABC
  • National Agricultural Biotechnology Council (NABC)
  • National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC)
  • National Auto Body Council (NABC)
  • National Agricultural Biotechnology Council (NABC)
  • North American Bridge Championships (American Contract Bridge League tournament) (NABC)
  • North American Bengali Conference (NABC)
  • North American Banding Council (NABC)
  • North American Bison Cooperative (NABC)
  • North American Beauceron Club (NABC)
  • North American Baptist College (NABC)
  • New Albany Ballet Company (Ohio) (NABC)
  • National Association of Bee Consultants (South Africa) (NABC)
  • National Agricultural Biotechnology Centre (Uganda) (NABC)
  • Need, Approach, Benefits, Competition/Context (NABC)
  • North American Broadcasting Co. (various locations) (NABC)