This acronym stands for:

  • OCCS
  • OmniClass Construction Classification System (OCCS)
  • Oswego Community Christian School (New York; est. 1979) (OCCS)
  • Orange County Christian School (Anaheim, CA) (OCCS)
  • Ohio Camera Collectors Society (Columbus, OH) (OCCS)
  • Object_Centered Coordinate System (OCCS)
  • Ordnance Chemical Center and School (OCCS)
  • Observer Controller Communication System (OCCS)
  • Office of Computing and Communications Services (Norfolk, Va) (OCCS)
  • Oklahoma Child Care Services (Oklahoma Department of Human Services) (OCCS)
  • Open Collaboration Client Solution (IBM) (OCCS)
  • Opencast Coal Site (UK) (OCCS)
  • Optical Cross Connect System (Alcatel) (OCCS)
  • Oberlin College Computer Science (Ohio) (OCCS)
  • Orange County Computer Society (Orange County, CA) (OCCS)
  • Overall Construction Classification System (OCCS)