This acronym stands for:

  • OPDM
  • Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (OPDM)
  • One_Particle Density Matrix (OPDM)
  • o_phenylenedimaleimide (oPDM)
  • Oxford Publishing and Digital Media (OPDM)
  • Office of Project Development and Management (OPDM)
  • Office Productivity/Design Media (OPDM)
  • offspring of prediabetic mothers (OPDM)
  • Other Pipelines Delivery Must_Flow Service (OPDM)
  • optical power detector module (OPDM)
  • Optimal Procurement Deployment Modeling (OPDM)
  • OnePoint Device Manager (OPDM)
  • Child Overweight Prevention Detection and Management (Venice Family Clinic, Venice, CA) (OPDM)
  • Operation and Planning Distribution Model (OPDM)
  • Outsourced Product Development and Maintenance (OPDM)
  • Outsourced Product Development Methodology (OPDM)
  • Our Precious Death Machine (band) (OPDM)