This acronym stands for:

  • ORE
  • Oregon (old style) (ORE)
  • Other Real Estate (US bank financial statements, alternative for OREO) (ORE)
  • Occupational Radiation Exposure (ORE)
  • Observatoire de Recherch%C3%A9 en Environnement (French) (ORE)
  • Office of Regulatory Enforcement (EPA) (ORE)
  • Old Relationship Energy (Polyamory) (ORE)
  • Official Residence Expense (ORE)
  • Operational Readiness Evaluation/Exercise (ORE)
  • Output Rendering Engine (ORE)
  • Officer Responsible for the Exercise (ORE)
  • Office of Religious Education (various locations) (ORE)
  • Office of Research and Evaluation (various locations) (ORE)
  • Ocean Research and Education (ORE)
  • Overseas Registration Examination (UK) (ORE)
  • Operations Research and Engineering (various locations) (ORE)
  • Outreach to the Elderly (ORE)