This acronym stands for:

  • OSIA
  • Order Sons of Italy in America (OSIA)
  • On Site Inspection Agency (OSIA)
  • Open Source Industry Association (OSIA)
  • Open Source Industry Australia Limited (Australia) (OSIA)
  • One Stop Italian America (online community) (OSIA)
  • Open Standards and Internet Association (OSIA)
  • Ohio Seed Improvement Association (OSIA)
  • Oregon Self_Insurers Association (OSIA)
  • Ohio Sheep Improvement Association (OSIA)
  • Observers SWS Interactive Analysis (OSIA)
  • Oregon Snowsport Industries Association (OSIA)
  • Ottawa Services Insurance Agency (Canada) (OSIA)
  • Office Services and Information Agency (OSIA)
  • Open Systems Interconnection Architecture (OSIA)
  • Order of the Society of Italian_Americans (OSIA)
  • On_Site Inspection Activity (US DoD) (OSIA)
  • Orlando Sanford International Airport (Orlando, FL) (OSIA)