This acronym stands for:

  • PCAM
  • Private Clients and Asset Management (PCAM)
  • Private Clients and Asset Management (PCAM)
  • Professional Community Association Manager (Community Associations Institute) (PCAM)
  • Pacific Coast Air Museum (Sonoma County Airport, Santa Rosa, California) (PCAM)
  • PCAM
  • Pacific Coast Association of Magicians (PCAM)
  • Punched Card Accounting Machine (PCAM)
  • Society of Producers and Composers of Applied Music (UK) (PCAM)
  • Philippine College for the Advancement in Medicine Foundation, Inc. (Manila, Philippines) (PCAM)
  • Physical Capital Asset Management (PCAM)
  • PC Video Camera (PCAM)
  • Patient Controlled Analgesia Machine (PCAM)
  • Pedestrian Crash Avoidance/Mitigation (US Department of Transportation) (PCAM)
  • Philippine College of Addiction Medicine (PCAM)