This acronym stands for:

  • PIPC
  • Political Institutions and Public Choice (PIPC)
  • Psychiatry in Primary Care (seminar) (PIPC)
  • Preschool Interagency Planning Council (PIPC)
  • Percent Indices which are Process Capable (PIPC)
  • Palermo Indian Parent Committee (PIPC)
  • public improvements by private contract (PIPC)
  • public interest performance criteria (PIPC)
  • Public Information Program Circular (PIPC)
  • parallel importation pharmaceutical company (PIPC)
  • proBilling International Processing Corporation (PIPC)
  • Property in the Possession of Contractors (PIPC)
  • Partnership to Improve Patient Care (Washington, DC) (PIPC)
  • Palisades Interstate Park Commission (PIPC)
  • Personal Income per Capita (PIPC)
  • Polska Izba Przemyslu Chemicznego (Polish Chamber of Chemical Industry) (PIPC)