This acronym stands for:

  • PMRA
  • Pro Modified Racing Association (Clarence, New York) (PMRA)
  • Protection of Military Remains Act (UK MoD) (PMRA)
  • Proper Motion in Right Ascension (PMRA)
  • Public Management Research Association (PMRA)
  • Professional Motorcycle Racing Association (PMRA)
  • pulmonary magnetic resonance angiography (PMRA)
  • Priddis_Millarville Residents Association (Canada) (PMRA)
  • PostNuke Module Registration Authority (PMRA)
  • Performance Measurement, Risk & Attribution (PMRA)
  • Pacific Management and Research Associates (PMRA)
  • Pacolet_Madison_Rion Association (PMRA)
  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Alliance (PMRA)
  • Particulate Matters Research Activities (PMRA)
  • Pest Management Regulatory Act (Canada) (PMRA)
  • Privacy in Medical Records Act (PMRA)