This acronym stands for:

  • RIPS
  • Recorder Independent Power Supply (aircraft cockpit voice recorders) (RIPS)
  • Regional Institute for Population Studies (University of Ghana) (RIPS)
  • RIPS
  • Runway Incursion Prevention System (airport safety system developed by NASA) (RIPS)
  • RIKEN Projectile Fragment Separator (RIPS)
  • Raster Image Processing Systems Corporation (RIPS)
  • Rhode Island Psychiatric Society (RIPS)
  • Registrant Integrated Processing System (RIPS)
  • Regulated Intelligent Power Supply (JL Audio) (RIPS)
  • Radar Information Processing System (RIPS)
  • Radioisotope Power Supply (RIPS)
  • Record of Inadmissible Passenger System (RIPS)
  • Records Information Processing Center (RIPS)
  • Research in Progress Seminars (various schools) (RIPS)
  • Research Institute for Peace and Security (Japan) (RIPS)