This acronym stands for:

  • RRG
  • Risk Retention Group (insurance industry) (RRG)
  • Red River Gorge (outdoor recreation area in Kentucky) (RRG)
  • Reichs_Rundfunk_Gesellschaft (German radio broadcast company network) (RRG)
  • Rodrigues Island, Mauritius _ Rodrigues (Airport Code) (RRG)
  • Richie Ranno Group (band) (RRG)
  • Research Review Group (RRG)
  • Red Red Groove (band) (RRG)
  • Requirements Review Group (RRG)
  • Rights and Resources Group (RRG)
  • Remote Receiver Group (RRG)
  • Ready Reaction Group (RRG)
  • Regional Resource Guide (USACE) (RRG)
  • Rats Riders Gang (French bicycling group) (RRG)
  • Real Real Genuine (clothing company) (RRG)
  • Robotics Research Group (various locations) (RRG)
  • Robust Robotics Group (Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Cambridge, MA) (RRG)