This acronym stands for:

  • SDRC
  • Structural Dynamics Research Corporation (SDRC)
  • San Diego Regional Center (San Diego, CA) (SDRC)
  • State Development and Reform Commission (China) (SDRC)
  • San Diego Rowing Club (San Diego, CA) (SDRC)
  • Social Development Research Center (De La Salle University_Manila) (SDRC)
  • South Davis Recreation Center (Bountiful, UT) (SDRC)
  • Southern Dharma Retreat Center (North Carolina) (SDRC)
  • San Diego Roadster Club (San Diego, CA) (SDRC)
  • Scottish Drugs Recovery Consortium (UK) (SDRC)
  • San Diego and Riverside Counties (California) (SDRC)
  • Separation/Divorce Resource Center (Ontario, Canada) (SDRC)
  • Software Development and Research Centre (India) (SDRC)
  • School District Report Card (education) (SDRC)
  • South Delta Recreation Centre (Canada) (SDRC)