This acronym stands for:

  • SSPP
  • System Safety Program Plan (SSPP)
  • Saints Peter and Paul school (Easton, Maryland) (SSPP)
  • Society for Service Professionals in Printing (SSPP)
  • Shuttle Small Payloads Project (SSPP)
  • Solar Stellar Pointing Platform (SSPP)
  • Shuttle Small Payload Project (SSPP)
  • Society for the Study of Process Philosophies (SSPP)
  • SonicWALL Simple Provisioning Protocol (SSPP)
  • Space Station Program Participant (SSPP)
  • Sea to Sky Premier Properties (SSPP)
  • Strategic Sustainable Partnership Program (SSPP)
  • Systems Security Program Plan (SSPP)
  • Society of Saints Peter and Paul (UK) (SSPP)
  • Site_Specific Propagation Prediction (SSPP)
  • Special Subdivision Project Provision (Hawaii) (SSPP)
  • Study Services Provider Portal (website) (SSPP)