This acronym stands for:

  • TRAM
  • Transverse Rectus Abdominis Myocutaneous (muscle) (TRAM)
  • Texas Research Administrators Group (TRAM)
  • Tractor, Rubber_tired, Articulated steering, Multi_purpose (TRAM)
  • Tree_Based Reliable Multicast Protocol (data transfer support) (TRAM)
  • Target Recognition & Attack Multisensor (TRAM)
  • Transmission Security (TRAM)
  • The Rest Are Mine (cards) (TRAM)
  • Trademark Reporting and Monitoring (TRAM)
  • Transputer Random Access Memory (module) (TRAM)
  • That Really Amuses Me (TRAM)
  • Test Reliability and Maintainability (TRAM)
  • Technology and Risk Assessment Meeting (TRAM)
  • Test, Reliability & Maintainability (TRAM)
  • Transient Multiplexer (TRAM)
  • Translocation across the Membrane (TRAM)
  • Temporary Refuge and Accommodation Module (TRAM)