This acronym stands for:

  • VIPR
  • Visual Intermodal Protection and Response (US TSA) (VIPR)
  • Voltage/Ion Probe Reader (VIPR)
  • Visible Intermodal Protection and Response (VIPR)
  • Video Imaging and Photographic Requirements (VIPR)
  • Versatile Inexpensive Pulsed Radar (VIPR)
  • Vision/Image Processing Research (VIPR)
  • Virtual_Tape Interface to Pool Routine (VIPR)
  • Vendor Initiated Parts Re_Supply (VIPR)
  • Virtual Internet Protocol Routing (Ascend) (VIPR)
  • Validation In_Process Review (VIPR)
  • Valve Integrated Pressure Regulator (VIPR)
  • Very Important Person Reap (Dead Like Me TV show) (VIPR)
  • Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico (VIPR)
  • Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide Receptor (VIPR)
  • Vastly Understampled Isotropic Projection (radiology) (VIPR)
  • Virtual Presence (VIPR)
  • visual pattern recognition (ViPR)